J's Smokehouse BBQ is a haven of smoked meats and authentic barbecue flavor.

Whether you're a local seeking the ultimate barbecue haven or a traveler on the hunt for a taste of authentic smoked meats, we're here to welcome you into our BBQ family. At J's Smokehouse BBQ, each dish is a journey through the heart of barbecue tradition – a journey that'll have you saying, "Dawg Gon Good BBQ, That's Lip-Smacking Good!" Explore our menu and tantalize your taste buds with a wide selection of sandwiches, tender ribs, brisket, pulled pork, and smoked meats.

But our passion for barbecue doesn't stop at our mobile kitchen and smoker. We take pride in bringing our smoky goodness to your special occasions. Whether you're planning a wedding, a family gathering, corporate luncheon, or a private party, our catering services will make your event unforgettable. Let J's Smokehouse BBQ cater your next celebration, and treat your guests to the irresistible taste of authentic barbecue. Join us today and experience the warmth of Southern hospitality.

Southern Hospitality

Beyond our commitment to superior smoked meats, we're devoted to delivering an experience that embodies southern hospitality. With every visit, you're not just a guest — you're family. Our attentive customer service, paired with an atmosphere steeped in comfort, creates a warm setting for you to relish every bite.

But J's Smokehouse BBQ is more than just a place to savor incredible food; it's an invitation to be a part of history. Having journeyed across diverse BBQ cultures, we bring a world of flavors to your plate. And now, you get to savor that journey, experiencing firsthand the culmination of flavors and stories that have shaped our culinary expertise.

In addition to our food truck outings, we also offer catering for corporate picnics, weddings, family reunions, holiday parties, and more! Contact us about our availability for festivals, food truck gatherings, fundraisers, and special events.

The J's Smokehouse BBQ Story

Our journey began in 2015, when we, a proud veteran and dedicated wife duo, established this culinary haven in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Guided by a passion for BBQ that transcended borders, we're thrilled to bring the essence of true southern barbecue to you!

As seasoned pitmasters, we understand the art of crafting tender, succulent smoked meats that bear a mark of excellence. Each piece we serve carries the aroma of patience, as it's carefully smoked to perfection, ensuring it's a delight that needs no embellishments. Our range of mouthwatering dishes is a testament to the rich tradition of barbecue, from the tangy briskets to the melt-in-your-mouth ribs.

Everyone Loves Our BBQ!